Wedding and portrait photographer in Tallinn and Ida Virumaa
My name is Kati Moon and I am a photographer in Tallinn. I work with pulsed and constant light. I also shoot with a quadcopter. Services - family and children's photography, female and male portrait, wedding, love story, boudoir photo session, bachelor party, bachelorette party, real estate interior, aerial photography.I love photography, photography and photography. But this does not mean that a fashionable coat or an expensive handbag attracts me less, of course not! But if there is a choice, I will prefer the first. Because photo art is my hobby and favorite business. It is meditation, self-expression and realization. Now I live in Tallinn and often visit St. Petersburg. I know the peculiarities and uniqueness of different cultures and peoples of the world. Roller skating, cycling, alpine skiing and kite surfing. I read autobiographical books and watch videos. I am inspired by the architecture of cities and spending time in nature. Partly I understand classical and modern music.